I have a passion for perfect events. I pour my heart into every family I work with. Your wedding might as well be my own wedding: that’s how much attention and care I provide.

I believe that weddings should be exquisitely designed, playfully fun, and deeply personal.

I have 10+ years of experience managing large families and complex, distinguished weddings. I pride myself and my team on handling anything so our busy brides can have the time of their lives.

Whether glamorous, traditional, or playful I have vendors and plans, designs and ideas to make it happen.

What I hear most from my clients is that they are immediately comfortable with me. Weddings are emotional roller-coasters, and my brides tell me that my warm, calming presence made all the difference in how they felt in the run-up and on the big day itself!

Put your trust in the best, and enjoy the style, warmth, and peace of mind we offer.


Donna Anello

I have a Havanese puppy whose name is Lyla.
I think she is the smartest and cutest dog, but I am a little biased.
I love to dance, so you’ll always see me bopping along to the music in the corner somewhere during your event.
My favorite place to vacation during the summer is down the shore.
Originally being from New York, it took me a minute figure out that Sloppy Joe’s are actually a delicious sandwich and not meat from a can!
My favorite time of the day is when I am home with my family (whatever time it may be)
I have three handsome sons who keep me very busy.

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My husband and I were so busy with all the life changes that followed our engagement (moving, buying a home) that we sort of forgot to plan our wedding. Oops!! Once we moved, I realized I had three months until the wedding and I hadn’t done anything other than book a venue! This is where the panic set in and the frantic phone calls on New Years day to interview event planners with positive reviews. Donna immediately put me at ease by saying that she and her team could easily help us throw together our event in the short time frame. We effectively had a ‘party within a party’ since our wedding was a daytime affair that had children’s entertainment. Donna immediately got to work and helped us first plan a budget and then very within a week we had contracts set up booking the vendors, like the florist, DJ, and entertainment.
Kerry and Abraham



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