If there’s one thing that can make or break a wedding for a guest, it’s the food. When guests travel far and wide to dedicate a day—or weekend—to your celebration of love, a crowd-pleasing menu is a surefire way to make their time enjoyable.

These days, creating a mouthwatering menu is more than just listing two or three options for guests to check off on their RSVP card. As more and more wedding food trends evolve, such as the decline of the sit-down dinner, the rise of the brunch wedding, and the increase of couples looking to personalize their catering, many weddings are bringing a unique and memorable dining experience to the mix.

Our favorite way to do this? Food bars. Whether at the cocktail hour or during the reception, we love the customization and choices that a hearty food station presents, not to mention the interactive experience it evokes, enabling guests to mix and mingle even more.

And the options are endless. For a brunch wedding, you can’t go wrong with a bacon bar or waffle bar (with choice of toppings of course). For Southern nuptials, we love an old-fashioned biscuit bar with flavored jams or a pie station. Cheese and charcuterie stations, as well as a raw bar, have a timeless and universal appeal, while popcorn bars, ice cream stations, and hot cocoa bars bring a whimsical touch. These ideas don’t need to be confined to appetizers and/or the main course—use them in lieu of the cake for a nontraditional feel. Can anyone say donut bar or cupcake station? We’re all about the sweets.

No matter which foods you want to highlight, the trick to nailing a delicious food bar is providing different flavors or varieties of what’s on display. That way, there’s something for everyone. Take a look at these ideas for some inspiration.